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Region – Northern England

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Curtis Heasley

London City Manager
All the way from Northern Ireland, Curtis joined Flair’s team as our London City Manager. Previously, Curtis worked for 6 years as a make-up artist with MAC, before taking to the skies as a flight attendant for BA. While he’s glad to have given up serving “chicken or beef”, he does miss the selfie opportunities in exotic places. Curtis enjoys going to the gym, good food and trying to find the best espresso martini in London.

James Eke

Area Account Manager, The North
James is our northern chap who looks after the North region. With over two decades of fragrance and beauty management, he is a very experienced individual. Having managed Loreal, KGA, Coty Luxury and most recently the beauty store in Manchester, James has also worked for a Natural Australian beauty skincare brand across the Northwest region. When he isn’t busy with Flair (which is extremely rare), James loves his Eurovision song contest. So be warned, any potential Eurovision conversation can turn into a several hour discussion.

Caroline Darbon

Administration Assistant
Caroline joined Flair in October 2021 as an administrator and now works primarily helping the team with accounts and payroll. A long, long time ago Caroline worked for many years as a Project Manager specialising in corporate governance within NHS organisations- she then took a few years out of work to look after her two children. She LOVES being back at work with the Flair team!

Kristina Elcock

Administration Manager
Kristina joins Flair as our Administration Manager with 15 years of experience under her belt she certainly keeps our admin under control and she loves every minute of it. When she is not working she loves spending time with her hubby and 2 delightful children however if she could she would be singing and dancing on the stage as her real passion is to entertain is all.

DO NOT USE – Ashley Ansah

Account Manager, Central London
Ashley was born and raised in Marseille. She is our language guru speaking 3 – French, English and Twi and currently also learning German. (Twi is a local language from Ghana just in case you didn’t know.) Ashley loves to travel, so far she has been too Miami, Amsterdam, Paris, Hamburg and Maldives to name but a few, her top tip is to take loads of photos, but whilst travelling is her passion, the thought of boarding a plane scares her to death. When she is not supporting the London team here at Flair she is studying for a degree in business. Having come from a beauty management background we are pleased she has settled with Flair. Outside of work Ashley loves to try different restaurants especially Japanese. She also adores kids and likes to spend a lot of time with her niece Emerald and nephew Golden. Finally Ashley’s wish would be to spend her days on the beach if she could... we won’t tell her just yet that there are no beaches in Finchley.

DO NOT USE – Kandi Stavrou

Area Account Manager, Central & South East England
Kandi is our Area Account Manager for the Central & South East team.  Coming from a retail background, Kandi has impressive experience of all thing's customer service, running a business and making sure customers get the best experience ever, and she can now pass that knowledge on and help support all our fabulous Flair Consultants. Kandi is very used to a fast-paced work and personal life and when she's not managing our Consultants she's running around after her 3 and 8 year old kids. Sometimes she's not sure which is easier! Fortunately, Kandi adores both (apart from the mountain of plastic toys at home) and has one very simple way to chill after a hectic day.... a bar of wholenut chocolate and a good TV Box Set!

Chloe Gay

Area Account Manager, South & South West
Chloe, having lived and grown up in Cardiff and Bristol, knows the area very well hence becoming our area account manager for the South and South West. Despite a degree in Childhood Studies Chloe “fell in to” beauty retail when she became an AM for KGA and hasn’t left the industry since. When she can, Chloe loves getting out in the fresh air and on the beach. Waterskiing and tennis are her great passions in life – although clearly not at the same time!

DO NOT USE – Chante Edwards

Account Manager, Midlands & South West
Chante is a very experienced member of the Flair team having held various roles in the Head Office. We are delighted she is now the Account Manager for the Midlands & South West. Previously Chante moved to London having completed her Masters degree in Journalism and began working part-time (during studies) in beauty retail for the House of Fraser, which gave her the bug for the industry. Having been on both sides of the fence, Chante is able to offer our current Consultants invaluable advice about working for Flair and has made a very positive impact in the London area already. When she’s not talking all things 'Beauty & Fragrance', Chante loves travelling and vlogging about her adventures. Her passion for shopping certainly means she’s on top of trends and new launches. Chante not only brings experience to the Flair family but is also an incredibly happy and smiley person – just who we need on a Monday morning!


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