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Fragrance Selling Course

Want to become more confident in Fragrance selling?

Flair not only work closely with The Fragrance Foundation supporting them in the work they do, but we also offer, and encourage, all our Beauty Consultants to undertake their Online Training Course to become a Fragrance Expert.

The course focuses on ways to use your new found fragrance knowledge to educate and assist customers and clients – helping them to discover their ideal fragrance and by doing so, offering a true customer service experience within a defined selling skills method that leads to a purchase. This course has been designed to reflect the current UK market, making it completely relevant and essential to anyone selling fragrance.

The course has been devised for Temporary Staff, to ensure that everyone selling fragrance in store is an expert – providing a true customer service experience.

With accreditation on this programme, you will have the opportunity to take your career forward in an industry renowned for its high standards of professionalism, as well as for product quality and performance.

This course is split into modular content, making the information easy to take on board and understand.

What does it cover?

  • The sense of smell
  • How Fragrances are made
  • Ingredient Facets
  • Fragrance Families
  • Selling Skills

Sign up to this short course for temporary staff to broaden your knowledge of perfumery, from the ingredient building blocks that create fine fragrance to how fragrance can be expertly sold in store.

What are the benefits to you and your customer?

  • Confidence in selling
  • Inspiration
  • Knowledge of the industry
  • Increased sales
  • Recognition from the industry

The course costs £75 plus vat and Flair contribute £25 to every Consultant wishing to undertake this insightful and fun programme.

See the ‘Fragrance Selling Training Course’ section on the Training & Documents page for a Fragrance Selling course application form etc.

Please contact Sarah Graham for further details or to register.

Flair gave me a home throughout my time at university and helped me to find my feet in a new city due to its fantastic team. The staff are friendly, helpful, kind and supportive and the lessons learnt working for Flair are lessons I’ll carry with me throughout my further employment. I have to give a special mention to my manager Jillian. Her approachability and humour make working for Flair an enjoyable and fresh experience for anybody wishing to enter the beauty industry, and it is a company I fully recommend for people from all walks of life.

Patrick McKenna, Flair Consultant

Flair have provided the best support at Christmas I can
remember having during my time at Harrods!

Karen Boyland, Business Manager, Creed

Copra has worked with Flair for many years and each year their generous support of suppling the ‘Flair Hostesses’ has helped us to raise more funds for our Industry charity ‘Look Good feel Better’. As one of our dedicated sponsors, thank you very much for your continued kindness and commitment to Copra.

Debbie Trumper, Copra Consultant


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