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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no initial training given, however, many brands will have trainings throughout the year which you will be invited to attend.

Commission is mainly applicable during Christmas and major product launches. These will always be confirmed prior to your booking.

We offer all types of luxury retail work, which includes cosmetics, fragrance and skincare.

We work with all major beauty and luxury retail houses within the UK.

You will not be paid unless you submit a signed timesheet, from the store you worked in.

You cannot make any changes to your shift without prior authorisation from you Flair Account Manager or Area Manager.

If you are unwell you will need to call your Account Manager to report your sickness, then speak to the Manager in Store.

You will only be paid for the hours worked, and will still need to get your timesheet signed to enable us to pay you.

As a Temporary Worker you are free to work for as many agencies as you wish, however, consultants who commit to Flair ongoing will be offered first refusal on bookings.

Yes, temporary work can often lead to being offered a permanent position within the industry.

If a client has requested you on a booking, we will offer you the work first.

We are a temporary agency, so can never guarantee work, however we will try and accommodate you for the days you are available but be aware that there is more work available on key retail days.

We do not pay towards travel expenses or parking.

No, if you are unable to cover a booking you have previously committed to you will need to contact your Account Manager who will try and replace you with an alternative consultant.

Shift patterns do vary, they are usually based on a 7.5 hour shift excluding your 1 hour lunch break.

You are entitled to a 1 hour lunch break, all other breaks are at the discretion of the store.

If you relocate, you will not need to re-register, your current Area Manager will introduce you to your new Area Manager.

You will be paid overtime at your hourly rate.

No, you must stay on the brand/counter that you are paid to represent.

If the store have a query they are to contact Flair Head Office.

You will need prior authorisation from your Flair Account Manager, without this, you may not be paid.

This will vary from brand to brand, and will be confirmed prior to training.

On major promotions, you will receive the target prior to the booking.

For targets on general bookings, you will need to speak to your contact on counter when you first arrive.

You will need to contact the weekend number, you will find this in your Welcome Pack.

Shoes must have a heel no less than 1 inch high, they must be closed toe, black with no adornments.

Please refer to the Staff Handbook which will explain what you should wear while working for Flair.

To submit your timesheet you need to log in to the Flair CMS at, please refer to your the CMS Training Manual (which contains a user guide that will help you log in and upload your timesheet) in Training & Documents.

All complaints should be emailed to

We operate Monday to Friday 9-5.30.  We operate a Weekend Emergency service on a Saturday & Sunday.

Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

We do not pay travel expenses or parking.

When you have successfully uploaded your timesheet you will see a green line next to your shift in the ‘my shifts’ area of your CMS account. If there are any problems with your timesheet you will be contacted by Payroll.

Please refer to your payment schedule in your Welcome Pack which confirms the weekly payroll process.

You pay tax & NI contributions if your salary exceeds your annual personal allowance which is reviewed by HMRC annually.

You are taxed if your weekly income exceeds your personal tax allowance which changes each year.

Either you have not provided us with a P45, or you chose option C (-I have another job or receive a state or occupational l pension) on your P46 form. HMRC will adjust your tax code accordingly once you have received your first payment from Flair.

Yes, your daily rate includes your holiday pay at 12.07%

All employees who are eligible for the scheme are auto-enrolled onto our workplace pension. When you start work you will receive information from our pension provider.

If you do not have a P45/tax code we are able to retrieve this information from HMRC the week after your first week’s payment.

As you are a Temporary Worker you will only be paid for the hours you are booked to work through Flair.

Our clients usually require our consultants to work full shifts. Normal working days Monday – Saturday are 8.5 hours including a 1 hour lunch break except Sunday trading laws are  6 hours including a 1/2 hour lunch break.

Commission is paid once the promotion has finished and the client has authorised all sales. Depending on how long the promotion runs you may receive payment up to a month after you have worked.

Your payslip is emailed to you a few days before you are due to be paid. If you have not received an email with your payslip please firstly check your junk mail. If the email is not in your junk mail please contact Flair payroll to ensure we have your correct email address.

Yes you may and it will affect your tax. You are taxed at 20% on your second job. If you speak to the Tax Office your tax allowance can be split between both jobs.

To submit your timesheet you need to log in to the Flair CMS at, please refer to your the CMS Training Manual (which contains a user guide that will help you log in and upload your timesheet) in Training & Documents.

If you are struggling to submit your timesheet please contact your Flair Account Manager or email us at


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