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The Role of a Flair Fashion & Luxury Consultant

  • Once you arrive on the shop floor please introduce yourself to your Manager for the day, and any other members of staff.
  • Establish your breaktimes and the day’s specific requirements and procedures.
  • Familiarise yourself with brand, price point, till points and stock.
  • Find out the focus for the brand on that day, and your sales target.
  • Clienteling is key, ensure you go the extra mile ie. link sell, register clients on the database, take a personal interest in them, if in a department store ask if they have a loyalty card or need directions to other departments.
  • Establish where the stockroom is and what the procedure is for replenishment or other sizes, ask what services the stores offers their customers – ie. personal shopping, and what other brands are sold within the store.
  • Be friendly and warm… always SMILE!
  • Ensure that you work towards achieving your sales target, and enjoy your day!

How To Get Your Bookings

You should contact your Flair Manager at the beginning of each week to update them with your availability for that week and the week after. This will allow them time to plan your bookings.

Your Flair Manager will email or text you with confirmation of your shifts informing you of the store, the brand, the shift time and any specific booking detail. Please make a note of these in your diary. At this point, if you are not able to work on a particular day you must inform them.

Once you have accepted a booking, you are expected to complete it.


If you are ever asked by a client to cover a shift, you must ask them to call the office to confirm. Do not accept the work if the booking has not been confirmed by your Manager at Flair as we will be unable to authorise payment.

If you are given a booking and the client changes your shift times or days, you must ask them to call the office to notify us of any changes. Please show flexibility as occasionally store rotas need to be changed to accommodate the brand.

Lateness & Sickness

Punctuality is very important. You should always aim to arrive in store at least 15 minutes before your shift time. This will allow you enough time to find the staff entrance, locate a locker and get to the shop floor. You should be on the shop floor at least 5 mins prior to the time your shift starts.

If you are running late, you must call the office (as soon as it is safe to do so) and inform us of why and how long you will be.

If you are sick and cannot attend work, you must call or text your Flair Manager or Head Office at the latest by 8am on the day of the sickness – this allows us to try to find a replacement.

If your sickness is going to last longer than a day, please let us know immediately. This allows us to plan ahead and replace you. We do however encourage everyone to at least attempt to go to work

Flair and our clients take a strong view on high levels of sickness and lateness, please note continuous lateness or regular sickness will affect future bookings

If you are booked to work over the weekend and you are late or calling in sick you must call the weekend emergency number which can be found in your Welcome Pack, given to you when you registered with us and also available in the Training & Documents page of this website.

If you have to leave a message please state clearly your full name, the store and location you are booked to work in, and the brand you were working on and why you are sick or late also please leave a contact number just in case.

Department Stores

Some stores will require you to have a store approval. They will ask you general customer service questions and about your work experience. There is nothing to be worried about, just be yourself!

Security Procedures

Every store has different procedures, however there are basic rules that must be adhered to…

  • Always enter and exit the store through the staff entrance signing in and out as you enter and leave the store even at lunchtime.
  • Do not take personal possessions on to the shop floor. Leave them all in a locker or secure place (wallet, mobile, make-up etc).
  • Flair are not liable for any theft, loss or damage to personal items so don’t take to work what you do not need for the day.
  • Security may search your bag and pockets when leaving the store so do not take anything with you that does not belong to you.

The Shop Floor

Once you arrive on the shop floor you should always start by reporting to the Department Manager, a Supervisor or the Brand Manager.

Once you have introduced yourself, tell them which brand you are working on for the day and your shift time. Ask at this point when they would like you to take your lunch break, if there is anything for you to focus on for the day, and if you don’t have it already, your daily sales target.

If you are given a target you should always aim to achieve and exceed it! Do not be disillusioned if the target is high but perform to the best of your ability.

You should keep busy and use your initiative please leave the department clean and tidy before you leave at the end of the day.

Familiarise yourself with the department when you arrive:

  • Establish where replacement stock is and how to retrieve it.
  • Look for any sales sheets to record any sales you make and also ask if garment tickets should be removed at point of sale.
  • Be aware of any promotional activity and make sure you understand what that is.
  • Establish how the fitting rooms work and what other services are available to the customer – ie. personal shopping etc.
  • Make sure you are familiar with how the brand merchandises and follow that rule.
  • Ask how security tags are removed at point of sale and make sure you remove them.
  • Understand how to fold and pack a customer’s purchase.

If you need to leave the shop floor for any reason, you should always tell someone where you are going. If you are going to lunch or a break, you must be back on time.

You should stay with your customer until the sale is complete. You should not use a till unless you have been till trained. You will need to take your customer to the nearest open till and ask another staff member to process the sale for you. You should still wrap and pack your customers purchases.

If you are faced with a difficult customer, you should always be polite and professional. If you feel you can’t cope it is advisable that you seek assistance from a permanent member of staff who will know the stores policies.

Although Fair is your employer, you should always act as an ‘Ambassador’ on behalf of the agency and the client.

You should conduct yourself accordingly:

  • Do not lean on the counter
  • Do not sit down
  • Do not talk loudly across the counters
  • Do not shout or swear
  • Do not eat or drink on the shop floor
  • Do not take or make personal calls

Flair Dress code

Female Consultants

Unless you are told differently, please follow the grooming guidelines below:

  • Foundation or tinted moisturiser
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick or Lip gloss
  • Nails should be clean and well kept with neutral polish
  • Natural makeup should be worn, nails should be clean and tidy hair should be brushed, neat and tidy

The following uniform guidelines should be adhered to at all times:

  • Black, long-sleeved shirt (short-sleeved is permitted in hot weather)
  • Smart, tailored, black full-length trousers or a black knee length skirt. If you are wearing a skirt, black or natural hosiery must be worn. No leggings. No skinny jeans. No ¾ length trousers or shorts
  • If wearing a jacket, it must match your trousers or skirt and be plain black (no pin stripe)
  • Smart, comfortable, sensible business shoes (closed toe shoe with low heel)
  • Jewellery should be kept to a minimum. Watch, wedding ring, engagement ring and small stud earrings are permitted
  • Good personal hygiene
  • Visible tattoos & piercings need to be discreet
  • NO knitwear
  • NO t-shirts (unless supplied by client)
  • NO flip flops or trainers or open-toe shoes

Male Consultants

  • Hair must be clean ad well groomed. Long hair must be tied back
  • You should be clean-shaven (beards and moustaches should be neatly trimmed)
  • Jewellery should be kept to a minimum (wedding band and watch are permitted)
  • Black long-sleeved shirt (short sleeved is permitted in hot weather)
  • Smart, black, tailored trousers with matching jacket
  • Black smart business shoes
  • Good personal hygiene
  • Visible tattoos & piercings need to be discreet
  • NO knitwear
  • NO t-shirts
  • NO flip flops, trainers or open-toe shoes

Answering The Phone

You should always answer the phone in a professional manner. The correct way to answer the phone is:

“Good Morning / afternoon Selfridges (store), Prada (brand you are working on) Sarah (your name) speaking, how can I help you today”?”

The Right Attitude

You should be warm and friendly and polite with a ‘can do’ attitude. You should always show respect to all members of the team, not just the Manager.

Remember that your performance is always being monitored if you do a great job you will be requested back and therefore have more work.

Whether you are working alone or as part of a team, you must stay motivated.

If it’s not busy you should make the most of it and give the department a clean and a tidy.

When it’s busy, you should be at the front of your department approaching and stopping customers. Selling is your main priority.

In A Nutshell

  • Use your common sense! If you think you shouldn’t do something then don’t!
  • Offer great customer service
  • Sell and promote the brand
  • Take pride in yourself and the opportunity you have been given
  • Do your best!

Once you have become part of the Flair Team, you represent not only the Brand you are working for and the Department Store you are working in, but you are also the face of Flair.

We have very high expectations of our Consultants and have procedures in place to ensure you have a successful placement and that the clients are thrilled with the work you have done.

All of the information above can be found in our ‘Flair Consultant Handbook’ which you can find in Training & Documents page of this website.

If you have any queries at all you should always refer back to the Area Team for guidance.

Flair gave me a home throughout my time at university and helped me to find my feet in a new city due to its fantastic team. The staff are friendly, helpful, kind and supportive and the lessons learnt working for Flair are lessons I’ll carry with me throughout my further employment. I have to give a special mention to my manager Jillian. Her approachability and humour make working for Flair an enjoyable and fresh experience for anybody wishing to enter the beauty industry, and it is a company I fully recommend for people from all walks of life.

Patrick McKenna, Flair Consultant

I just want to say a huge thank to Flair for supporting us and giving us such amazing staff to work with. The site was a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without your team! Robert, Natasha and Ben are wonderful to work with. Hope to work with all of them again soon…

Scott Earp, Account Manager, Creed, Selfridges Birmingham

Flair have provided some excellent staff to promote our brand. The professionalism of the whole team to ensure business requirements are met is exceptional.

Katie Holmes, Senior National Account Manager, Dr Hauschka

Flair have been a massive help – the staff are very knowledgeable, motivated, productive and are a great help to our counter. We would recommend Flair to everyone.

Sharon Roda, Assistant Manager, House of Fraser, Leeds

For anyone considering working for Flair, jump at the opportunity! This role gives candidates the chance to work with exclusive beauty/fragrance brands, offering excellent training and unbeatable incentives.

Sophie Evans, Flair Consultant

I have worked with Flair for years and I couldn’t ask for a better employer. Flexible working and good pay. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Laura Wrethman, Flair Consultant

The Fragrance Foundation have been delighted to collaborate with Flair on a number of events including the prestigious Fragrance Foundation Awards. Many of their consultants are fragrance experts, having trained with us, ensuring Flair provides the very best talent to its clients.

Linda Key Jackson, CEO, The Fragrance Foundation

I’m always impressed with the service levels I receive when working with Flair. Working with an agency that understands retail is especially helpful, their proactive approach delivers results. It’s a two-way partnership.

Jannie Meyer, Retail Director, Guerlain

Copra has worked with Flair for many years and each year their generous support of suppling the ‘Flair Hostesses’ has helped us to raise more funds for our Industry charity ‘Look Good feel Better’. As one of our dedicated sponsors, thank you very much for your continued kindness and commitment to Copra.

Debbie Trumper, Copra Consultant

I love working with Flair as they are not only extremely professional but very friendly too. They always give clear job instructions and have lovely clients to work for.

Anna Treasure, Flair Consultant

As a young start up, we turned to Flair to help us with staffing during the holiday period. They made a wonderful effort to learn about our needs and how to best serve us now and for the future.

Dr Maryam Zamani, Founder, MZ Skin

Flair have always been first to offer Copra their help, and have been fully committed in supporting our association, our charity and our events, especially the Copra Ball. It’s very much appreciated.

Debbie Trumper, Copra Consultant

Christina Mentzis and Sarah Graham (Flair Directors) have gone out of their way to understand our needs as a business, often meeting our team in-store to provide the very best staff based on regional requirements.

Andrew Kitteridge, UK Retail Sales Manager, PUIG

Flair have provided the best support at Christmas I can
remember having during my time at Harrods!

Karen Boyland, Business Manager, Creed

Thanks to Flair and their amazing team I have worked with most of the best known and loved beauty brands and gained invaluable experience. I look forward to every day at work and it’s not many who can say that! This is the number 1 agency!

Angela Doyle, Flair Consultant

I have been with Flair for nearly 2 years in London, working on amazing luxury brands. My manager is always helpful, professional and available when I need him. I would recommend this agency to anyone!

Nazia Afzal, Flair Consultant


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