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Why temp with Flair recruitment? Nicole shares her story

Nicole McBride is one of our wonderful Flair recruitment temps. She is from Northern Ireland and this is where she first started working with us.

Nicole was keen to start working within the luxury retail sector and explore many of the different exciting brands the beauty industry has to offer. A keen actress Nicole then made the move to London where she was able to transfer with Flair and start temping on Oxford st. Nicole is now in our Harrods team and works with a variety of our different clients including Creed, Givenchy and Dior.

I managed to get the chance to catch up with Nicole this week in store and she very kindly offered to answer a few questions on her experience working with us and why she would recommend this kind of temp work for like minded people in London.


How long have you worked for Flair recruitment?

I have worked for Flair for 2 years now. I started working for Flair in Belfast where I worked with them for about a year. When i moved to London the area manager for Ireland referred me to the area manager in London.

Why did you decide to do agency work with Flair?

I decided to work with Flair because of the flexibility it offers. As an actress, I regularly attend auditions and have different periods of acting work. Flair offers me the flexibility that other companies cant. Flair gives me the opportunity to pursue my acting career whilst still guaranteeing regular work between jobs and travel.

What are the advantages of doing agency work with Flair?

The flexibility it offers. Whether you are a performer, a student or a keen traveller, Flair will work with your availability. You also get to work with a variety of different prestigious beauty and fashion brands in the most high end retailers like Harrods for example.

Would you recommend Flair recruitment to a friend?

Definitely! I actually have already on a few occasions. I was recommended by a friend in Belfast and here i am now!

What brands have you worked on?

I have worked on quite a few brands including Dior, Givenchy, Estee Lauder, Guerlain and many many more. I am currently working on Gucci’s new exclusive fragrance promotion in Harrods. 

What has been your favourite booking whilst working with us?

My favourite booking has been on Dior and launching the new Joy fragrance. Every time i do a booking with Dior i instantly feel part of the team.



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